For over a century, Gioverso Gioelli has been celebrating the creative talents of their matriarchal company. From its founding in Torino by the great grandparents of current owner Laura Giverson’s, Gioverso unqiue and storytelling one-of-a-kind pieces are industry renown. In contrast to the gender norms of the early 20th century, the founders encouraged their daughter to learn the skills of the trade instead of marriage preparation. Their avant-garde approach to teaching her technical skills at an early age resulted in her being able to continue the family business and expand her own creativity into the collection. A century later, Ms. Giverso continues the family’s vision and passion to transform precious metals and gems into works of art.


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Our business' success is attributed to the women of our family. Supported by the love of their husbands and sons, the passion, vision, and leadership of the company has always been carried, generation after generation, by the women. 

Meet Laura Giverso

Today, Laura Giverso brings her vision to the business by introducing Ethical Gold into the Collections, combining time-honored artisanal traditions of the Giverso family with environmentally safe practices: traceability, sustainability, ethical treatment of those who work with the precious resources. The seamless integration of these quality elements into each innovative design generates a new artistic perspective of jewelry that respects both human life and nature in an elegant display of richness and beauty.


Ethical Elegance

A pillar of Giverso’s collections is the collaboration of art and nature in bringing their lines of fine jewelry to life. This partnership is showcased in their commitment to the incorporation of ethical gold, whose sources are certified traceable and sustainable from mine to market. Using both artisanal mines that are certified Fairmined Gold® and  upcycled Gold purchased at market, then melted and refined to reuse in production, each of Giversos ethical gold pieces ensure a positive impact on social and economic aspects for all involved in the production of the product.

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