The vivid storytelling throughout Claire's work has enabled her to construct unique creative campaigns and installations for a wide range of commercial brands. From fashion labels to luxury hotels, book publishers to restaurants, her portfolio of commissioned images bridges the gap between fine art and commercial work. 

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Rosen's work takes cues from many visual traditions, including fantasy, allegory, tableau, anthropomorphism, victorian-era dress, baroque painting, and children's books. Her influences are highly personal and are a natural extension of her own identity.

Meet Claire Rosen

Claire Rosen is an award-winning artist whose elaborate constructions often feature anthropomorphic animals, archetypal heroines, or symbolic still-lives evocative of classical European paintings. Though the work is rooted in traditional themes and aesthetics, it is intended to create dialogue around contemporary issues such as the need for animal advocacy and environmental conservation. The transportive images captivate through a fascination of the natural world and ideals of beauty.

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