The ORA hand-poured candle is a unique harmony of female artistry and luxurious products. Partnering with Mélanie, we've curated 3 custom and exclusive lotion candle scents to the ORA Gifting Collection. The unique combination of lotion, candle, and body wax allows each hand-poured aroma to be celebrated distinctively.

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Mélanie created natural candles to bring about light, comfort, and happiness. One note at a time, the fragrances are inspired by the beauty of nature from her childhood in Provence and her travels around the world.

Meet Mélanie Rousselet

Melanie grew up in the South of France where fields of lavender, roses, pine, and olive trees constantly perfumed the air.  Living in Provence, she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature through all her senses, especially smell. 

In pursuit of adventure, she left her loved ones, a nascent career in law, and life in France for the United States where everything seemed possible. She settled in New York City, a place that inspires, motivates, and allows for the realization of her wildest dreams.  Still, there are times she craves  little pieces of home or moments from favorite trips all over the world. That’s why her New York apartment is flooded with scented candles to recreate the elusive perfumes from those dear places. That’s how the idea for natural candles was born. Melanie brings to life fragrances that evoke special emotions right in her home, and yours. 

Melanie Lotion Candle
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