Based in Carpi (Modena), Chez Moi produces and designs stylish and authentically Italian Home Decor and Clothing Lines, skillfully crafted from elegant fabrics. The company's founder, Sheila, built the brand as a quest for beauty and refinement in all aspects of daily life. 

The Household Linen Collection is completed by the Luxury Accessory Collections.There is also Chez Moi Cuccioli, designed for babies and children, where the fashion component goes hand in hand with the indisputable quality of linen and Italian craftsmanship for the littlest customers. 

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Chez Moi stands out in terms of its skilful and all-Italian production process, distinguished by artisan techniques and a modern spirit.

Meet Sheila Paoluzzi

The Chez Moi brand was born 10 years ago from the idea of Sheila, a young entrepreneur, eager to give life to a dream: create an all-Italian line in the Home Decor sector. Since then, the brand has grown to include premium cotton and linen clothing. 

Sheila works alongside a team of 14 skilled Italian seamstresses who pass on a tradition of haute couture, which requires fabric cutting, sewing, and embroidery, to design one of a kind pieces of refinement and quality.

It is through the selection of premium fabrics, Italian production, and attention to detail - delivered in premium garments and products of refined taste - that Sheila's dream is realized.

Elegance of Linen

Chez Moi exclusively uses Russian Linen, whose quality is known and used by retailers worldwide and undergoes meticulous review. 

The Linen is dyed and then tended to by Chez Moi experts in Italy, who decorate and apply designs of refined lace to curtains, napkins, tablecloths, and clothing. The essence of each piece is premium quality Italian craftsmanship presented in the latest fashions.

chez moi Russian linen

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