Sophia's Guide to Italian Glamour

Sophia's Guide to Italian Glamour

The iconic Sophia Loren quickly became the symbol of effortless and exotic Italian beauty on film. She was not just an actress but a successful business woman - the first woman celebrity to launch her own fragrance. Loren was an unapologetically passionate woman, who left Carey Grant to be with the love of her life, Carlo Ponto, for 56 years until his death in 2007. 

Her stardom was full of inner passion, authenticity, and an abundant love of life. Known for many famous quotes that adorn walls of the women who idolize her, she openly shared her secrets to a beautiful and glamorous lifestyle. Not one she was bred into, but one she cultivated. 

Sophia’s rich tapestry of life began in a war-torn impoverished Italian countryside. Hiding in bomb shelters and, at some points starving of hunger, she learned to survive and ultimately thrive using her relentless will. Starting at a young age, she capitalized on one of her own beauty secrets - enhance your assets. The captivating young woman won several beauty pageants and used the earnings to move herself and her mother to Rome where there was a budding film scene. There, she transformed herself and career by cultivating self-confidence, another of the style tips she exudes. 

Her legend grew from there. Through the decades she was known for her ferocious talent, receiving an AFI while still living. Sophia was referenced frequently for ‘aging with grace’ and looking ‘timeless.’ She attributed both of these qualities to taking care of herself and, of course, to moisturizing with olive oil. But more than anything, she maintained that a life of beauty and glamour can be achieved by having a kind heart and being a good human. Embrace what you have,and share the beauty of this life with others. 

May we all be a bit more like Sophia … and eat more spaghetti!

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