5 Tips for Relaxation and Self-Care Over the Holidays

5 Tips for Relaxation and Self-Care Over the Holidays

The irony isn't lost that during a Holiday Season marketed to bring peace and joy, many of us have lost that meaning, and for a good reason. Most of us find ourselves spending November, December, and for some, even October, running around.

We've compiled 5 tips to help you destress, recenter, and refocus this holiday season. Taking the time to care for yourself really matters. Try to practice these extra doses of care to reduce stress and increase your enjoyment of this most speciale, special, time of year. 

1. Comfort With Candlelight: 

To re-focus, turn off the lights and light a candle. Let your eyes relax. There is extensive research around the calming effects of light and meditation and how powerful it is to give your eyes and brain a candlelight break. ORA Hand-Poured Candle Collections include gift boxes that hold elegant and timeless scents.

2. Moisturize Your Skin: 

Cold weather can leave your skin dry. Give yourself extra moisture when the temperature drops. ORA Luminosa Gift Box hand-poured lotion candles are perfect to take on the road for holiday travel or offer a spa-like experience for your morning routine. 

3. Scents To Self-Soothe: 

Scents can instantly lift your mood - like fresh cut evergreen, a hint of lavender or fresh squeezed lemons on a summer day. Just by adding a scented candle, diffuser, potpourri, or any form of home fragrance to a room, you can trigger feelings of joy, relaxation, focus, or calm. We recommend the ORA Spa Collection to choose between Lavender Bath Tea, Lavender Bath Soak, or Refresh Hand Soap.

4. Treat Yourself: 

Everyone has that beautiful gift soap tucked away in the towel closet that seems almost too pretty to use. Like good china, these are meant to be enjoyed. Pull out those fancy bath soaks and make them a part of your new holiday ritual. Make it extra special with some of our favorites:

5. Take A Bath: 

Feel relaxed from head-to-toe with a perfect bath - stile Italiano, Italian style. The Italian style of bathing would be slow or lente. Dim the lights, light up a soothing aroma, add Warwick Farms bath tea or soak to the hot water - sink in, close eyes, do nothing. When ready, refresh with a moisturizing lather to soften and soothe, then hydrate your face with a mask. Finally emerge from your perfect Italian bath ritual and wrap yourself in a Chez Moi Bath Wrap.

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